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YouTube to MP4 converter

Y2mate is the most popular used online website that can help you convert your youtube videos into mp4 or even into Mp3. The website is mostly used for converting the entire video that is available on youtube into the audio format of MP3 and one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the website is its easy-to-use feature that most websites lack these days. For making the converting very much easy they have created a user-friendly interface that directly serves the purpose.

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Now here are some of the steps you need to follow in order to convert a video using Y2Mate.

Step 1

The first and foremost step that one needs to do in order to get the video converted is to find the video that you wish to download. One must visit youtube and then obtain the link of the video that they wish to download as an audio file through Y2mate and after which they should obtain the link of that youtube video either through the address bar or by clicking the share option in youtube and there you will be finding the option that says “copy link” which will get you the link for that video.

Step 2

Open the website Y2Mate on your browser. Post opening the website on the browser, one much navigates to the home page where you will be finding the entire instructions on how to convert the video and also a white space where you will be written past the link. The copied link of the youtube video should be then pasted onto the white space and then by simply hitting the enter button one will be transported to the next page. The homepage of the website also has the benefits of the website given as a description.

Step 3

Post pasting the link and pressing the enter button, the website will be finding the video that you have given to them from the youtube library and then it will be presenting you the video for confirmation. Posting clicking the convert button, the conversion process for the entire video will be started the website may sometimes be asking the format that you wish the video to be converted to and there we might be needing to select the MP3 format and then soon the entire video will be finished converting in few moments.

Step 4

After the conversion of the youtube video into MP3 format, a new page will be presented in which the size of the various quality of the audio will be presented and of them, the user needs to select the file size which he wishes for the entire MP3 and then hit the download button and this will be starting the download process of the video very soon and the file will be downloaded to your local storage for permanent time.

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