How To Use Xbox Resolver 2022 | Find IP Address of Xbox Live Gamertag

Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver can be used as both an application or software to find the IP address of gamers. It uses a large public database of Gamertags and IP addresses. Xresolver allows you to find an individual’s IP address by entering their Gamertag. This is how to use Xbox Resolver 2022.

How to Use Xbox Resolver 2022

Before you move forward, there are some things that you need to know. First, you will need a Gamertag. Every Xbox user is assigned a Gamertag, which is a unique identifier. This Gamertag allows you to find the IP address of another person.

For IP tracking to work, however, the player must be connected online. If a player is offline, it will not be possible for IP tracking to work.

Locate IP Address for Xbox Live Gamertag

Follow the below steps to track an IP address.

Sign in to your Xbox account to get started. In the search bar, type the IP address of the friend you are trying to find.

If they aren’t already there, you will need to add them to your friendliest list before you search.

These steps will allow you to add them as friends.

  • You can see the nametag at bottom of page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
  • You can then browse the Gamertag profile. Next, click ” Add friend“.

Contact the people whose IP address you want to find. There are two ways to do this. Invite them to join you live. You can also use a chat room.

Before you can use the Xbox resolver, please follow these steps.

  • Invite your friends and colleagues to join you.
  • Click the ” people button” from the controller. Choose the Gamertag.
  • To invite someone, click the A button in the controller while you’re viewing their profile.

You can also use the party chat to make connections with others. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Click on the guide option. Select ” Parties” and “Party“.
  • You can select which friends you want to invite. You can then invite them using the “invite” option.

If you see the invited person appearing in the invite section it means that he or she has accepted your invitation. The Xbox resolve allows you to determine the IP address for other people connected to your computer.

You can identify a clickable URL that you can send these gamers. You can get links from many sources such as YouTube, Facebook and gaming sites.

Click the Xresolver link to identify the Gamertag Spacebar. After entering the Gamertag, click on the resolve button.

An IP finder option is available in the Xbox resolver. Select that option and copy the clickable link. When users click the link, the ARP tool starts sniffing their network connection.

All logged IP addresses are loaded by the system. The first step is to identify the IP address in ” from“, and then change the “to” address. Use the tab filter to type 3074. Click ” Start Pulling“, and then click ” A“.

There is also a list of IP addresses for all other users connected to the party forum or gaming platforms.

How To Change My IP Address With xResolver

You can easily change the IP addresses on your computer or laptop. Public IP addresses can’t be manually changed. Internet service providers assign public IP addresses to DHCP servers. You can ask them to do this.

You can also change your IP address manually using the steps below.


  • Navigate to System Preferences. Select Network.
  • Click Network Connection. Click on Network Connection.
  • Now, select the Manual option. Enter your IP address.


  • Navigate to Settings and then tap Wi-Fi. Select Network.
  • To configure IPv4 addresses, tap Configure IPv4 Addresses.
  • Now, enter your IP address manually.


Make sure you’re working from the Administrator account

  • Click on the Start button. Navigate to Control Panel.
  • Click on Network Connection. Next, choose your local connection.
  • Click on Properties. Click on Properties.
  • Now you can manually enter your new IP address.


  • Navigate to the Setting page. Click on Connections. Click WiFi.
  • Next, tap on the network to which you are connected.
  • Tap the icon in the gear shape to the right of Network. This will display your IP address.
  • Scroll down until the bottom of your screen. Select Advanced. Choose IP Settings.
  • Select static. Enter your IP Address now.

Final Words

It is easy to find the IP addresses for Xbox users. An IP Resolver can be used to find the address using the Gamertag information of your target. You can also generate a shorter link that your target can click to reveal their IP address. However, you must not misuse the IP address. It is illegal to misuse IP addresses. This is against the online user protection law.

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