What to Do If You Can’t Login to LastPass

What to Do If You Can’t Login to LastPass

The most important thing you don’t would like to happen while using the password management tool is to not be capable of logging into your account. It’s an application that is supposed to assist you in managing your passwords, however you aren’t able to use it. In this article we’ll discuss how you can resolve LastPass problems with login and gain the access you have to your password management.

How to Fix LastPass Login Issues

That’s a pity, because login issues are fairly common on LastPass. Find out if other users have experienced similar login issues. It could be that LastPass is currently in the middle of a major issue which is why the firm has trying to find a solution.

Make Sure You’re Typing the Correct Characters

Verify that you can determine if the Caps Lock key is enabled or not. Also, check the layout of your keyboard particularly if you have specific characters in your password or username. Look for the icon for keyboard languages in the taskbar to see the present settings.

If you wish to alter the layout of the keyboard then click on the keyboard icon and choose a new type of input.

Start an Notepad document and enter the password you want to use or your Master Password. Check the password twice to make sure there are no mistakes. Copy it into the app and verify that you are able to log in.

Log In to LastPass Online

If you’re unable to sign into your account with the standalone application you can try signing up on the internet. Visit https://lastpass.com to verify whether you’re able to login. Look for updates and upgrade your browser if you find an upgrade available.

In addition, remove the LastPass extension close the browser, restart it, and install the extension.

Disable Browser Extensions and Clear LastPass Cache

If you are still unable to log into LastPass then you should remove all browser extensions, with the exception of LastPass. Perhaps certain extensions are causing problems for LastPass. Select the menu of your browser and select extensions (or More tools and then click Extensions) and then enable all of your extensions.

Additionally, navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow, select the LastPass folder and remove all the files from that folder. Review the results.

You can disable login from certain Countries and turn off your VPN

Verify that you’ve selected the advanced option which states ” Only Allow Login From Selected Countries.” If you’ve recently relocated to another country, this option might stop you from logging into your account. If that’s the case, LastPass may also display the following error message: ” LastPass doesn’t recognize this device, or you’re at a new location.”

To avoid this issue (or to avoid it to avoid it in the near future) you must disable the option to connect from certain countries and switch off your VPN If there’s one.

  1. Click on the profile picture and then select the settings for your account..
  2. Scroll down until Show Advanced Settings..
  3. Scroll to security, and remove the checkmark. Only allows logins from certain regions.
  4. Save the changes and see whether this decreases the amount of login issues.

Check Your Date and Time Settings

The LastPass servers could refuse to confirm your connection in the event that your system’s time and date settings are not correct.

  1. Click Settings and select time and languages then select Date and Time from the pane to the left.
  2. Turn on the options which allow your computer to determine the time and zone automatically.

Recover Your Account

If you’ve forgotten you’ve forgotten your LastPass username, you may attempt to retrieve your account. Remember that LastPass does not store its master password. It’s not able to return it to you in the event the password is lost. The only option left is to visit your Page for Account Recovery to activate your One-Time Password.

In order for this method to function it is necessary to open your Account Recovery Page on your computer or the browser you have previously used to log into LastPass. If you don’t you’ll be unable to reset your password.

It’s important to note that you can’t utilize this option in the event that you have recently removed your browser cache, or changed the master password. As a last resort you could attempt to reverse your LastPass Master Password change.

If You Can’t Log in to the Mobile App

If the issue with login is limited to the LastPass mobile application, look for updates and download the most recent version of the app. Also, verify the settings for date and time on your phone to ensure they’re accurate. The 2FA password is invalid in the event that you’re using an incorrect time and date settings. If the issue is still there then reinstall the app.


Keep your mind in the forefront that you cannot restore your account with the LastPass mobile application.


Unexpectedly, login problems are among the most common issues that plague LastPass users. To solve the issue ensure that you’re using the correct numbers, disable your VPN or IP-hiding software, disable the browser extensions, and then change your password. How often do you have LastPass problems with logins? Which troubleshooting strategies were most effective in your situation? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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