What Should You Know About CPS Test?

CPS Test

What speed can you hit the mouse? The CPS test is a measure of the number of clicks your fingers perform in a second. The test doesn’t just measure fun , it also shows the speed at which we’re tapping our fingers on mice or keyboards and rolling dice as well as pressing the buttons!

What Is the CPS Test and How Do I Take It?

To take the CPS test To play the CPS test, all you need to do is access Clicks Test’s Clicks Test site “click here and start playing” gray box. The clock will start when the first click, so ensure that the hands are both warmed up prior to starting! After the timer is over, it’ll reveal how well-prepared to take the test. It will also show whether it gives the future of their careers in their hands after we’ve finished making people ready for life forever.

Anybody can play this game regardless of age and if there was an argument that more than high school students shouldn’t give these tests a second chance (and score those marks! ) I’d like to be thinking about the business looking for interns to act as recruiters.

The score you see in your browser is a reflection of how many clicks are required to finish a minute of gaming. While this isn’t the sole number that gamers should be concerned about but it’s crucial because when someone else has faster click-per-second (CPS) times than their own and they have more chance of breaking world records for the fastest titleholders in the field of click speed. This could come as no surprise given that players compete with one another to see who has the ability to be the fastest in click per second!

How Do We Calculate Player Rankings?

CPS test game CPS test game doesn’t come with any official levels however, it is available on various other websites. However, our team believes in providing participants a memorable, enjoyable experience. This is the reason they created four unique levels! The incredible obstacles span from Turtle stage (easy) up to Cheetah difficulty, which ensures that everyone will have a blast when you next take a test with us.

  • Turtle The game of click-per-second game playing as a turtle, you must be either five or 0 clickings in a second.
  • Octopus: Next stage is the Octopus. It is possible to get it when your cps scores are greater than five.
  • Rabbit’s Feet: The foot of a rabbit symbolizes luck since it has the ability to get an amazing click-to-site speed. If you’d like to be fortunate in the gaming world, invest your money in buying rabbit feet!
  • Cheetah: The fastest animal to walk on the earth. If you get scores of over 10 CPS (new record 19) If you do, we’ll acknowledge that your fingers snap like the ones of theirs and ahoot to the The King of Clickers with us!

How Can You Increase Your Clicking Speed?

It is the only method to increase your number of clicks each second is train and increase your endurance. Certain players may register inaccurate scores in the air when it comes to accuracy but as time passes, they will improve. They’ll improve their reliability depending on how much work has been put into developing this skill , as it takes time for fingers of the majority of people to adjust to only to press buttons for all day with no exercise or physical exercise, which then brings me to ask me “how do I improve Click Speed Test?”.

It is recommended to begin slowly so that there aren’t any injuries when trying new techniques such as triple tapping rather than double-clicking since there’s not enough power behind those less powerful two-finger taps.

Abnormal CPS Test Scores

Many gamers on the internet boast bizarre CPS scores that are hard to believe and is a fact to be true for any human. The majority of players use software that auto-clicks to increase their scores, but it’s not a good idea for this as it ruins what could otherwise be an enjoyable experience! One of the best ways to experience games that require a lot of clicks is to pay attention when playing with your family or friends members , instead of using software that can assist you in achieving more points than you would normally.


If you’re looking for an enjoyable and competitive method to test your mouse-clicking abilities then the CPS Test is an excellent alternative. Through this test, you’ll be able to determine the number of mouse clicks (CPS) that your hands are able to make within a certain period of time. Every click counts as one point, meaning that if you can make five clicks in a second, you’ll be equal to 25 points! The most appealing aspect of this CPS Test is that it tests both hands separately which means there’s no need to be concerned about having the “left-handed advantage” over right-handed test takers, as other tests might give.

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