What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

what dinosaur has 500 teeth – Dinosaurs are famous for their distinctive features such as the size, length of necks, or tails, or their bodies. However, do you know that apart from these characteristics, certain dinosaurs also have a unique characteristic: they have teeth with more than 500? The question might pop up in your mind: which dinosaur has teeth that are 500? Two dinosaurs contain more than 500 tooth.

This article will inform you about dinosaurs and the entire information about them!

What DINOSAUR has 500 teeth?

  • Nigersaurus
  • Triceratops

Triceratops The Triceratops with the horned Triceratops might be one of the most famous dinosaurs on the planet. Many people who are knowledgeable about dinosaurs are aware of Triceratops. What they may not know is that Triceratops teeth ranged from 500 to 800 in size. This is an extremely distinct characteristic of the dinosaurs.

Nigersaurus Nigersaurus This dinosaur is believed to have teeth that range from 500 and 1000. There are studies that show that the dinosaur has 500 teeth and some studies show that the dinosaur is equipped with highest amount of teeth i.e. the number is 1000. The name of the dinosaur is Nigersaurus because it was discovered in Niger.

According to paleontologists, the Nigersaurus weighs 30 tonnes, has a neck that was long and the capacity of 500 “slender” teeth. It was a dinosaur with 500 teeth. The regular spacing of the teeth of Nigersaurus could have been used as a comb, squeezed the water plants or other invertebrates like flamingos, as per paleontologists. He also speculated that low-browsing could be caused by the shorter conifers as well as other lower-growing plants. To try to get others to understand the term Internet users began asking about the species of dinosaur with 500 teeth. This isn’t so funny as they had hoped. The name originates to the Republic of Niger, where it was first discovered. In the year 1976 dinosaur fossils were found in the deserted West African country. It was not named Nigersaurus Taqueti until more complete bones were found in 1999 in the course of research led by American paleontologist Paul Sereno. Answering the question “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” was not intended to offend anyone.

We need to know more about these dinosaurs that have 500 teeth!


Triceratops is among the most well-known dinosaurs having three horns and bone frills across the front part of their skull. The name comes from a combination of, “tri,” means “three,” keras, which means “horn,” and ops which means “face.” In the Cretan period, dinosaurs was a part of North America approximately 67 million to 65 million years ago.

According to a publication from 2011 published in Cretaceous Research, Triceratops was massive beast that was similar to the African elephant. It can grow to nine meters (30 feet) and weighs more than 11,000 pounds. (5,000 kg)–some large specimens can weigh more than 15,750 pounds (7,150 tonnes).

The limbs were strong to move and could support his huge weight. The foreground limbs, smaller than the rear and foregrounds, had three hooves. all of his rear legs was equipped with four hooves. In a 2012 article in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Triceratops suggested that it had an upright stance similar to an elephant but not an extended elbow-out posture like the Lizard.

Head of Triceratops was among the largest creatures around and some accounted for 1/3 of the length of the body of the dinosaur. The largest skull that was discovered was 8.2 feet in length (2.5 metres).

The Triceratops were the only species to have two huge eye horns and smaller horns on their noses. The brow horns look to be old and bent similar to an Triceratop.

Triceratops TeethTriceratops is a herbivore predominantly eating plants and plants. His mouth was more equipped to pluck and grab instead of chewing.

The mouth of the dinosaur was packed with as many as 800 teeth. They were arranged into groups of 36-40 teeth on either face with three to five teeth each column. Therefore, the dinosaur is often referred to for its dental friendly dinosaur.

Nigersaurus –

Nigersaurus was a plant-eating, 30-foot reptile that was found in the Niger’s Sahara Desert 110 million years ago. Nigersaurus lived alongside Suchomimus which was a carnivore reptile, Ouranosaurus along with Lurdusaurus with Supercroc with a lush environment. Nigersaurus could have been fourteen meters (10ft) in height at its hip.

Nigersaurus was a gentle head and a large mouth, with teeth that were specifically designed to swat vegetation on the soil. The strange long-necked dinosaur is identified by its large, straight-angled, snout that is 500 teeth.

The Nigersaurus jaw teeth, mouth anatomy, and teeth were at best unusual. It is the only pet tetrapod that has jaws larger than the head in terms of anatomy.

The upper jaw contained around 60 tiny columns of needle-like teeth. The lower jaw contained approximately 68 columns.

A stack of between 8 and 10 teeth were erupting from a single spot in the jaw. This is A large amount of tiny teeth that are coated with enamel and thereby allowing for a more powerful bite because each tooth is coated with enamel and a lot more surface.

According to some research the dinosaur is believed to have around 1000 teeth. This makes it the largest dinosaur in the world with the most teeth.

MEME REPONSES to the 500-toothed DINOSAUR

A Google search of “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” quickly became a world-wide meme. “The most politically incorrect dinosaur ever,” according to some, while “Africanamericanasaurus is a mouthful” according to others. Some also tried to correct the pronunciation of the dinosaurby claiming the dinosaur should have to be called “nye-juhr” according to how dinosaur’s teeth Google translate pronounces, but this didn’t hinder racist comments or other people from searching for the dinosaur that had 500 teeth using Google. The meme has spread to the point where the moment you type in “what dinosaur?” …” in the world” on Google it will come up with lots of results. The suggested results show everything that is associated with the memes “most teeth” and “500 teeth.” It was also noted in the comments of several stories: “This is the top auto-completion option to search for “what was the name of the dinosaur.” Reddit, kudos for accomplishing the task.”


So , these are the names, and everything about the dinosaur that has 500 teeth. We hope that you will appreciate our information.

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