Universal Clipboard Not Working Between Mac and iPhone

Universal Clipboard

In the event that Universal Clipboard is not working on your Mac or iPhone It’s likely the device isn’t suitable for this functionality, or the settings are not correct in either your iPhone as well as Mac.

Universal Clipboard Not Working On Mac

When you copy data onto your computer the data copied is saved in the temporary storage area on the computer , referred to as”the “Clipboard” and this allows you to transfer the data wherever you want in the gadget.

“Universal Clipboard “Universal Clipboard” feature in Apple Devices extends this concept further, allowing users for copying and pasting information between different devices – Mac on to iPhone, iPhone to iPad and reverse.

Universal Clipboard still appears to remain a work-in-progress and it’s not unusual to see it become glitchy or not functioning at all after having it properly set up.

Before proceeding with troubleshooting procedures, ensure you’re aware of the limitations listed below for this feature. Universal Clipboard feature.

  1. Universal Clipboard remains active only for 2 minutes. whatever you attempt to copy after 2 minutes will fail.
  2. While you can transfer the text on Mac to any location on your iPhone Images cannot be copied into specific apps (Notes Keynotes, Pages, Notes).
  3. The Paste function could be delayed if the internet connection isn’t strong enough.
  4. Universal Clipboard works best on an WiFi Network

1. Make Sure Both Devices Are Compatible With Universal Clipboard

The first step is to check the Mac (MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac) and iPhone are compatible with the Universal Clipboard feature.

According to Apple according to Apple, according to Apple, the Universal Clipboard feature should work in the event that you own an Mac operating macOS Sierra or later and an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later.

2. Refresh WiFi & Bluetooth Networks

Sometimes, the issue is caused by a glitch in one of the two networks: WiFi or Bluetooth Network on any of the two devices.

For iPhone: Go to Settings > WiFi > turn off WiFi. The same way you can navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and disable Bluetooth.

Take 30 seconds to activate both WiFi as well as Bluetooth for your iPhone.

on Mac: Select WiFi Icon located in the top-right corner, and then disable WiFi. Also, click the Bluetooth Icon located at to-right corner, and then disable Bluetooth.

After 30 seconds, allow back both WiFi as well as Bluetooth to your Mac.

3. Enable Handoff On Both Devices

A Universal Clipboard feature requires you to activate the Handoff feature for each iPhone as well as Mac.

on iPhone: Go to Settings > General > AirPlay and Handoff. Move the toggle next to Handoff into the On position.

For Mac: Click on Apple Logo in the top menu bar > System Preferences > General , and enable Handoff Between the Mac as well as iCloud devices.

4. Enable Bluetooth Sharing on Mac

Simply click on Apple Logo > System Preferences > Sharing and turn on the Bluetooth Sharing.

5. Sign out of Apple ID on Both Devices

Sometimes, the issue could be because of the Apple ID not being recognized by iCloud. This issue can be solved by logging out from Apple ID for both of your devices, and then signing back into.

on iPhone: Open Settings > tap on your Apple ID > scroll down and tap Sign Out.

on Mac: Click on Apple Logo > System Preferences > Apple ID > scroll down and select”Sign out.

Then, Sign back into Apple ID on both devices. Wait for both devices to sync and then check to verify whether Universal Clipboard is now working between Mac and iPhone.

Very Important! Be sure you have signed in with using the exact Apple account for each Mac or iPhone.

6. Reset Bluetooth Settings on Mac

Click on the Finder Icon and then click on the Go tab on the top bar, and then click on Go to Folder option.

In Go to window, type ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost and click on Go.

On the next screen, right-click on com.apple.Bluetooth.xxx.plist and click on Move to Trash option.

Shut down Mac then wait 30 seconds before restarting your Mac and check whether Universal Clipboard is now working on your Mac.

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