How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone or iPad

Transfer Photos from Camera

It’s really simple for you to copy Photos of DSLR as well as any Digital Camera to iPhone. Below are three methods for transfer photos from Camera into iPhone and iPad.

Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhone or iPad or iPhone

Although the iPhone boasts an impressive Camera however, there are some users who prefer using an expert digital camera, and later editing photos using iPad or iPhone. iPad as well as an iPhone.

The benefit that comes with making use of iPhone and iPad to edit photographs is that it gives users with easy access to a range of photo editing applications as well as using the default Photos app which is accessible for iPhone as well as iPad.

The process of transferring photos to Camera into iPhone or iPad depends on the kind of storage utilized in the Camera and if it has an app to transfer photos.

After the Photos have been imported, you will see them all in the Imports Album inside Photos App. Photos Application on the iPhone.

1. Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhone Using SD Card Reader

The most efficient method of transferring photos From Camera onto iPhone is using “Lightning to SD Card Reader” and iOS Photos App to transfer photos directly from Camera onto iPhone.

1. Remove the SD Card from the camera and then insert it into the Reader. End of Lightning to SD Card Reader.

2. Connect the Lightning End of Lightning to an SD Card Reader to your iPhone (See the image above).

3. Open the Photos App on your iPhone (in the event that it doesn’t automatically open)

4. Once you are within the Photos App click on the Import tab on the lower menu, and then click on the Import All option located at the upper right-hand part of your display.

NOTE: You can also manually choose specific photos by tapping them individually and then tapping Import option.

5. Once the Photos are loaded, you’ll be asked to choose whether you would like to keep Photos saved to the SD card after the transfer or erase them.

Click on Keep if you would like the Photos to be saved to your SD card. Select Delete in case you wish to clear of the card.

2. Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhone Using WiFi

If your digital camera is equipped with an application for transferring photos (like Canon Camera Connect) You can follow the steps below to transfer photos from the camera to iPhone.

1. Open the menu on your camera and turn on WiFi.

2. Open Settings on your iPhone > click on WiFi.

3. On the next screen, you will be able to connect to Camera WiFi Network being broadcasted by your camera.

NOTE: In most cases the name of the Camera WiFi network will be identical to your model’s number on the camera (50d 70d, 50d or something similar)

4. On your Camera Open the Camera Connect App (in the case for Canon Cameras) or the brand-named app on your camera that lets you transfer photos.

5. Once the branded Camera App is launched Click for the possibility to copy images to Camera into Phone.

The benefit of transferring images through WiFi is that no wires or cables are needed. However this method isn’t ideal for large amounts of photos.

3. Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhone Using Lightning to USB Adapter

If the camera has an internal storage device that does not have any SD Card, you will require an Lightning adapter for USB cameras in order to transfer pictures.

1. Connect a USB cable to your camera, and attach the opposite end of the cable to USB End of Lightning to the USB End of Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

2. Connect the Lightning end of the Lightning to the USB Camera Adapter on your iPhone.

3. Turn on the Camera and ensure it is set in the transfer mode.

4. Open the Photos App on your iPhone (in the event it isn’t opening automatically)

5. Once you are inside the Photos App, tap on Import in the middle menu and then click on the Import All option located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Notice: If you only wish to import a select number of images, click on the specific photos you wish to import and then select Import.

6. When the import is complete, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to save or delete the copied photos on your camera.

Click on the delete or keep option depending on the needs of your.

Unable to Find Import Tab on iPhone

If you do not see the Import Tab in Photos App on iPhone or iPad

  1. Make sure that the Digital Camera is switched ON and that the mode for exporting photographs is selected.
  2. Restart your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Unplug the digital camera from the adapter and reconnect it after 60 seconds
  4. Remove the Adapter from your iPhone and then reconnect it after 60 seconds

One of these steps will bring back the Import Tab within your Photo App to your iPhone.

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