How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

Recover Permanently Deleted Emails

It’s not unusual to delete an accidental batch of Emails as you try to tidy the Mail Inbox, only to discover that some of the emails were crucial and required to be kept in the dark. Below are the steps needed to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook.

Recover Recently Deleted Emails in Outlook

If you erase Emails from Microsoft Outlook, the deleted items are transferred into the “Deleted Items Folder” in your email account. They are then being deleted permanently after a certain amount of time.

It is obvious, this is a useful security mechanism within Outlook and can help you in the event that you mistakenly or inadvertently delete an important Email out of your Inbox.

If you accidentally deleted an Email within Outlook It is easy to retrieve this Deleted Email simply by clicking the Deleted Items Folder (See image below).

When you have found the deleted Email Click on it with a right-click Email then select Move to any other Folder where you usually keep Emails (See above image)

Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

Now, think of the worst-case scenario that could happen to the user permanently eliminating an Email. This could happen in the event that you delete Emails from your Inbox and also clear your Deleted Items Folder.

Another way to permanently lose Emails is to erase Emails and then come back to search for them after a lengthy duration. In this case deleted Emails will not be accessible within the Deleted Items Folder.

Fortunately, there’s an option to restore permanently deleted Emails within Outlook.

1. Login to your Microsoft Outlook Account and click on the Deleted Items the folder. As you will see in the image below, there aren’t any items within this folder. The folder has been cleared and all files are permanently deleted.

2. Next, Click on the Folder button in the upper menu bar, and then click Recover deleted items (See the image above)

3. Outlook will start recovering permanently deleted items via Microsoft Exchange server and list the items for you based on date deleted (See the image below).).

4. Next, select the email or emails that were deleted that you wish to retrieve and click the Folder Shaped Recover button. It is located in the upper right-hand corner (See the image above).

5. Outlook will start recuperating your deleted email.

After the recovery process has been completed, you will see Deleted Emails restored in the Deleted Items Folder. From there, you can transfer an Email into Inbox and any other folder which you wish to transfer your Email to.

NOTE: We do not know whether this method will work in the event that Emails were deleted some time long time ago (12 years or longer).

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