How to Fix iPhone Not Vibrating (Silent Mode and Ring)

iPhone Not Vibrating

If your iPhone isn’t vibrating, it may be caused by hardware or software related problems. There are a variety of ways to solve the issue of iPhone not vibrating in silent mode.

iPhone Doesn’t Vibrate

Many people prefer to put their iPhone in vibrate mode when attending meetings or in situations where they don’t want to be distracted by the sound of phone calls to their iPhone.

When you put an iPhone in vibrate mode causes it vibrate whenever it receives a Message, Call Notification, or Alert is received on the phone.

As it is possible to imagine, you could miss important messages or calls even if your iPhone isn’t vibrating or in a position to not notify you of the incoming calls or notifications.

Fortunately that both the issue of iPhone not vibrating when In Silent Mode and the problem of iPhone not vibrating when the Ringer is On is fixable using the methods that are described below.

1. Enable Vibrate on Silent

The most frequent reason for iPhone Not vibrating when in silent mode is due to the vibrate feature in silent mode not being turned on in Settings.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone Scroll down, then click on Sound (or sounds & Hepatics).

2. On the next screen, turn on the option to vibrate on Silent.

Now now, your iPhone will vibrate when you turn on Silent Mode on your device by pressing the switch for Silent/Ring towards the rear the iPhone.

2. Enable Vibrate On Ring

If you would like the ringing sound of your iPhone to vibrate as it rings Make sure the Vibrate on Ring is set in Settings.

1. Go to Settings > Sounds > turn on the Vibrate on Ring by switching the toggle to the ON.

Now the iPhone will begin to vibrate when you turn off the silent mode of your phone by pulling the switch Silent/Ring towards the display on your iPhone.

In the event that both Vibrate on Ring as well as Vibrate on Silent are both turned off then your iPhone won’t vibrate when you turn the switch between Silent and Ring.

3. Enable Vibration Pattern

Your iPhone won’t vibrate when the vibration pattern is set to “None”.

1. Go to Settings > Sounds > scroll down to click on the Ringtone option under the “Sounds and Vibration Patterns’ section.

2. On the next screen, you can tap Vibration.

3. On Vibration screen Select the Vibration Pattern you want to use.

Then you can test your iPhone and determine if the Vibration Mode is working when your iPhone is set to Silent Mode.

4. Enable Vibration in Accessibility Settings

Use the following steps to activate Vibration Mode within the accessibility Settings on the iPhone.

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch.

2. On the next screen, toggle the switch adjacent to Vibration to the ON.

Check whether you can determine if your iPhone will vibrate in silent Mode and it is ringing (in the event you want).

5. Restart iPhone

Restarting any computer device can assist in recovering from slow processes or small software bugs that may cause problems for that device.

1. Press and Hold the Power button on your iPhone until you notice the ‘Slide to Power Off Option displayed on your iPhone.

2. Turn OFF your iPhone by sliding the slider towards the right.

3. Wait for 60 seconds before turning on the iPhone using the power button.

After your iPhone restarts, check to verify that the vibrate function is working correctly in your gadget.

6. Check iPhone Vibrator Motor

The issue of iPhone not vibrating may be due to the vibrator Motor in your iPhone being damaged or not functioning at all.

1. Go to Settings > Sounds > toggle on both the Vibrate on ring and Vibrate on Silent.

2. Now, toggle on and turn off on the Ringer (Ring/Silence button on the top on your phone) within your iPhone.

If you sense the vibration of your iPhone shaking (when you turn the Ringer on/off) It means that the Vibration Motor is operating.

If your iPhone does not seem to be vibrating, it is a sign it is the case that your Vibrator Motor isn’t working properly and you must bring your device for the Apple Care technician.

7. Reset All Settings

When you find that the Motor in your iPhone is functioning this may be due to improper configurations on your iPhone.

Try to reset all Settings to reset your iPhone to factory default settings and then see whether this can help in fixing the issue.

If you’re worried about this, it won’t erase your data on your iPhone It will only erase the settings in your iPhone and then resets them to Factory default settings.

1. Go to Settings General > Scroll down, and then tap Reset.

2. On the next screen, select the Reset All Settings option.

3. If prompted enter the device’s Passcode

4. On the confirmation pop-up, click Reset All Settings to confirm.

When your iPhone restarts, look to determine that the issue iPhone Not Vibrating has been solved for your iPhone.

8. Factory Reset iPhone

If none of these strategies worked, attempt the Factory Reset your iPhone in order to determine if it solves the issue.

This Factory Reset Process will completely eliminate all Data in your iPhone including damaged and damaged files that are causing problems in your phone.

When you have completed the factory Reset Process is completed, you will be asked to set up your device as a New iPhone or restore using an iTunes or iCloud Backup (If there is one available)

9. Try DFU Mode Restore

If your iPhone isn’t responding due to the damaged Hardware Settings, you’ll need to conduct an DFU Mode Restore to resolve the issue.

This DFU Restore Process will erase both hardware and software setting on your iPhone and then install both operating software and Firmware for your iPhone.

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