How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast

Fix Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast

Apple Watch has been successfully helping to keep your health on track for quite some time. It’s the top smartwatch that is available as of today. For instance, whether it’s an the heart rate monitor and recovery of heart rate or even calories count, this watch can track them all. It is possible to learn Apple Watch tricks to maximize the use the device. There are a few things that could impact your everyday life with the Apple Watch. With all the great features and options available frequently, the Apple Watch is being criticized for its battery time. If you’re experiencing one of them and you notice that your apple watch’s battery has been draining quicker than usual, you’re in the right spot.

Without further delay let’s talk about the most common issue that has everyone worried about it – battery draining quickly.

How can keep my Apple watch from charging its battery?

If you are experiencing the issue that your Apple Watch batteries draining quickly after updating or an issue with consistency it could be due to unmanaged timeouts such as wake screen excessive background apps or the brightness of the screen. If you want to resolve the issue and shield your device from harm, you can try these settings changes. We review the most common fixes for fixing Apple Watch battery drain.

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Fixes For Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast After Update

1. Turn off Wake Screen

Each time you move your wrist up your wrist, the display displayed on the Apple Watch lights up. This feature was introduced by Apple Watch 5. It could be the primary reason behind why you Apple Watch battery getting drained fast. But, this is something which can be easily adjusted. Here’s what you can do.

  • Go to the Settings app, and tap on General.
  • There you will see a the Wake Screen Click on it.
  • Switch off the Wake Screen for Wrist Raise.

2. Turn on the power Saving mode.

Another reason for the Apple Watch battery draining fast is the fact that you’re not in the power reserve mode. If you have the Apple Watch has multiple features it will send you notifications and monitoring various aspects. To activate Power Saving mode,

  • Swipe to reveal Control Centre on your Apple Watch.
  • Find the battery percentage and tap it.
  • Move the slider towards Power Reserve to turn on Power Reserve and click Proceed.

In Power Reserve mode, the Apple Watch will only show you the time once you press the button. To remove it from this mode, hold and press the side button until you can see an Apple icon.

3. Check for all activities

Making sure you are aware of all the tasks running through the Apple Watch is important. It’s been proven that even after you’re finished using an Workout application, the app remains going. Make sure to check the built-in Workout app, or any other third-party application that is monitoring your exercise routine. The fitness app could be one of them that is in operation as the Apple Watch battery drains faster. Make sure to hit the end button when you’ve finished your exercise.

4. Background applications

Even when you’re not using the applications some that you’ve previously opened remain open on the background. This isn’t a case of many surprises since this is what happens as smartphones. It is essential to turn off background applications to prevent to prevent the Apple Watch battery draining fast. Visit the Watch for your connected iPhone and click General and then click on Background refresh of the app. A list is displayed with every app you have installed on Your Apple Watch, toggle the off the apps you don’t want running within the background.

5. Adjust Screen Brightness

The brightness of the screen also is a key factor when it comes to Apple Watch batteries draining speed issues since it will add to the current tasks and utilize the battery to illuminate the display. It is recommended to set the brightness at a suitable level. Navigate to the Settings app, click on Display & Brightness, turn off the Always On feature.

6. Control notifications

Notification brings you up on your Apple Watch screen and if there are multiple apps and activities running. All of them will display notifications every second minute, resulting to your Apple Watch battery draining fast. To handle this issue you have to connect onto your linked iPhone and launch the Watch app. Go to My Watch tab and tap on Notifications. Choose an app you to turn off notifications. Click on Notifications Off to remove notifications.

7. Turn Power Off

Make sure to give you Apple Watch a time off when it’s not in use for a period of time, whether it’s once a week or every two weeks. It can aid in getting back into the routine using a more powerful battery. Apple Watch battery draining fast may be due to the fact that it’s been running for a long time without stopping. It is also recommended to disconnect the watch with the iPhone and then connect it again to get the chance to get a new start.

To Sum up:

Make sure to follow these suggestions It will assist you with problems with the Apple Watch battery draining fast problem. We hope that you will be able to get the Apple Watch working again with ease.

This article should help you keep your Apple Watch’s battery charged. We’d love to hear your opinions on this article to improve it’s value. Comments and suggestions are welcomed in the comments section below. Please share this information with your contacts and other people by sharing the post on social media.

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