How to Enable Persistent Notifications On iPhone

Persistent Notifications

Persistent Notifications feature on iOS lets you display notifications on the Lock screen of your iPhone until you close the notifications. Below are the steps for enabling continuous notifications to your iPhone and iPad.

Allow Persistent Notifications to be enabled on iPhone

In general, notifications previews last only just a few minutes on the Lock screen of the iPhone and fade away quite quickly.

As you might imagine, this configuration is not ideal on hectic days when you do not have time or time to monitor notifications that appear in your Lock Screen of your iPhone.

When you are in a rush you can take advantage of the persisting notifications feature in iOS to allow notifications to last longer displayed on your Lock Screen of your iPhone.

In contrast to regular notifications, Persistent Notifications remain for a long time for the Lock screen of the iPhone and don’t disappear until they are removed or removed manually or deleted by the user.

This ensures that you will not miss important notifications that are sent to your iPhone.

Set up Persistent Notifications for iPhone

Persistent Notifications aren’t enabled as a default feature on iPhone and iPad and must be activated by opening the Settings App on your iOS device. So follow these steps for enabling sticky and persistent notifications on the iPhone.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad

2. On the Settings screen, select”Notifications”.

3. On the Notifications screen, scroll down , and click on the specific App that you wish to set up persistent notifications.

4. On the App’s notification settings screen, scroll to the bottom until you can see two icons for phones that are labeled as “Temporary” in addition to “Persistent”. Click on the Persistent option to turn on persistent notifications on your iPhone for this particular app.

If you’re thinking why there’s no way on iOS to enable Persistent Notifications on an Global Level or for all the Apps at the same time. Persistent Notifications may only be activated for specific applications or for a single App at the same time.

Additionally, there isn’t a way to instantly enable persistent Notifications for iPhone via Control Center. Control Center. You’ll have to do it via Settings App. Settings App, using steps that are listed in the previous paragraph.

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