How to Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

Check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

It is important to regularly check how much Mobile Data you have been using on your iPhone if you have a Limited Data Plan. Below are the steps for monitoring and check cellular data usage on iPhone.

Monitoring and check Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

To effectively track the usage of Cellular Data on your iPhone, you must first set up your device so that you can monitor the use of Cellular Data in a billing cycle.

To track how much Cellular Data is being used during a billing cycle, follow these steps.

Scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset Statistics.

To confirm, tap Reset Statistics on the confirmation pop.

Your iPhone can now track Cellular Data Usage from the First Day through the Last Day of your Billing Cycle.

You will receive an exact reading of the amount of Cellular Data that your iPhone has used on the last day of the billing cycle.

Please note:At each end of the Billing cycle, tap on Reset Statistics. This will clear the previous month’s data usage and allow you to track Cellular Data Usage for this month.

iPhone: View Cellular Data Usage

It is important to monitor the data usage on your iPhone once it has been set up to measure Cellular Data Usage during a billing cycle.

You can always check how much data your iPhone is using by going to Settings > Cellular. On the next screen you’ll see the Data Use section under “Cellular Data”.

Completely turn off cellular data on iPhone

You can turn off Cellular Data Usage from your iPhone at any moment. This will ensure that you don’t incur expensive overage fees.

You can turn off Cellular Data completely by going to Settings > Cellular.

This will effectively eliminate any possibility of an App or service that uses Cellular Data on your iPhone.

You can turn ON the Cellular option at the beginning of your next billing cycle to begin using your monthly bandwidth.

Set up a reminder to reset your cell phone data usage

It is difficult to remember to reset data usage statistics manually at the end each billing cycle. You can create a reminder on your iPhone that will notify you when it is time for you to reset statistics.

It is simple to set up reminders for iPhone. Refer to this article How To Set Up Reminders for iPhone if you need assistance.

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