How to Block Websites On iPhone and iPad

Block Websites

Here’s how to block websites for iPhone as well as iPad and protect your children from being exposed to harmful online content.

Block Websites on iPhone and iPad

An iPad-like device iPad is able to be used as a entertainment device and a teaching tool for children. it’s a good idea to provide unlimited and uninterrupted access to your children on your iPad as well as for educational and for learning.

But, not all sites are suitable for children and you must be vigilant to ensure that your children don’t become exposed to harmful content.

Based depending on your children You can restrict adult content for iPhone and iPad or limit your device to the most restricted number of websites that are kid-friendly.

1. Block Adult Content on iPhone and iPad

Follow these steps to stop Adult Content on your iPhone and iPad and stop your children from accidentally being exposed to inappropriate material.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and click to turn on Screen Time.

3. On the Screen Time screen you can scroll down and then tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

4. On the next screen, click on Content Restrictions.

5. On Content Restrictions screen, tap Web Content.

6. On the next screen, select the Limit Adult websites option.

This will completely stop any adult content from being available through your iPhone.

2. Limit your iPhone and iPad to specific websites only

Another method of making your iPhone or iPad entirely child-friendly is to stop all websites and allow only a select number of websites for kids to be available through an iPhone and iPad.

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content and Limitations on Privacy > Web Content. On the following screen click on the option Allowed Websites only.

Following this, only those websites listed under the “Only Allow These Websites” section will be available on either your iPhone as well as iPad and all other websites will be blocked.

In the event that you need to you add additional websites to the list of allowed by scrolling down and clicking on the Add Website link.

The next page will prompt you to you can add the URL and Name of the site you would like to include.

This setting is extremely effective in creating iPhone or iPad in a manner that only your favorite sites of your children are available on your device , and all sites that are not yours are blocked.

Even apps that have their own built-in browsers such as Facebook or Twitter are bound by this rule and ensure that your children are protected from being exposed to content that is inappropriate for them.

If you discover that a website isn’t blocked, just copy the URL in your Address Bar in Safari and paste it into the window for restrictions.

Notice: Certain websites have mobile and desktop websites with different URLs, and you might require blocking them separately.

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