How to Block Unknown Callers on iPhone

Block Unknown Callers on iPhone

It is simple to block phone numbers that are known on iPhone however, there is nothing you can do to stop those who have hidden their numbers. However, there is an option to block unknown callers on iPhone by setting your Do Not Disturb feature for your iPhone.

Block Unknown Callers on iPhone

If you’re making use of your Call Blocking feature for your smartphone, then you might have noticed that calls from unknown phone numbers are calling you and annoys you with unwelcome calls.

This happens because the fundamental Call-blocking feature on iPhone is based on making a comparison of the call number that is incoming with the phone numbers in the Block List. Block List.

If someone does call you from a hidden caller Identification number, the iPhone will be incapable of identifying who is calling and will not be able to block the caller’s unknown number.

At present, the only option to block calls from unknown numbers on your iPhone is to enable your “Do Not Disturb” feature on your iPhone to receive only calls from known callers.

Steps to Block Unknown Callers On iPhone

The steps are below for blocking unidentified Callers from your iPhone by setting”Do Not Disturb” Mode on your iPhone ” Do Not Disturb” Mode on your iPhone to receive only calls from known callers.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap Do Not Disturb.

2. On the Do Not Disturb Screen, switch on the option to Do Not Disturb, by moving the toggle from the ON position to

3. Next, scroll down, and then tap Allow Calls from.

4. On the next screen, click on All Contacts.

Following this after this, you iPhone will allow only calls from contacts on your List. All calls made by unknown callers or those with a hidden Caller IDs will be blocked by default on your iPhone.

One possible issue that could arise from this method of blocking unknown callers on the iPhone could be that it could be missing some legitimate calls from those that are not in the Contact List.

But the best part is that you’ll receive a missed call alert as well as genuine callers can leave Voicemails. voicemail to your iPhone.

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