What is the full form of AMC

full form of AMC

(i) AMC: Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. It is also known as Annual Maintenance Charges. It is offered by all manufacturers after sales. It is the term that relates the buyers and the suppliers. The manufacturer company provides the maintenance service to their buyers for their valuable products. This service of maintenance may be chargeable or free of charge according to the contract held.

For example: Every computer owner gets this service when he bought his computer and after that the company will be responsible for the up keeping and all round maintenance of the computer. Generally, this type of contracts is signed for one year at a time. It can be extended up to two or more years as per the agreement between the parties. In AMC, the company usually provides service support to the customer and charges for the faulty parts of the machine. In some cases, the company covers some parts under AMC, these parts are replaced free of cost.

Devices covered under AMC

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Robots
  • Servers, Machines, Scanner, Printer
  • Television, Refrigerators, A.C. and almost every electrical and electronic devices.


The AMC provides a satisfaction and peace of mind to the customers during the contract duration because, the contact contains the maintenance, regular checkups, and routine work to regulate the performance of the device.

(ii) AMC: American Motors Corporation

American Motors Corporation is a motor company in USA. It came into existence in 1954 when two major companies of America Nash Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company were merged. It was the largest corporate merger of the history of USA at that time. This merger was led by George W. Mason, an American industrialist. The objective of this merger was to use the strengths of both the firms to compete with the major automakers; General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.

AMC manufactures a range of products like:

  • Automobiles
  • Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)
  • Military Vehicles
  • Commercial refrigeration products
  • Lawn products

Some other popular full forms of AMC

  • AMC: Australian Medical Council
  • AMC: Army Material Command
  • AMC: Asset Management Company
  • AMC: American Multi Cinema
  • AMC: American Music Center
  • AMC: Arizona Mountaineering Club
  • AMC: Aircrafts Maintenance Center
  • AMC: Average Match Count
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