Which Search Engine Is Better? – DuckDuckGo Vs Google

DuckDuckGo Vs Google

Google is undeniably the most popular and widely acclaimed search engine globally. The searchers rely on Google as it is the most effective and high-performing search engine for all the good reasons. It offers quality and in-depth results, which has become the standard of our search experience.

With the surge of competitors eyeing the search market share, various new search engines offer worthwhile search experiences to the masses. Some of the latest search engines are worth using, especially those that do not fit the pattern of Google. One such search engine is DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is one of Google’s fierce competitors as the users are now looking for search engines which offer high privacy security. With privacy being the need of the hour and a key component, DuckDuckGo is showing increased privacy protection alongside many more features to hook the attention of the searchers.

With Google and DuckDuckGo being two significant search engines comes the comparison of DuckDuckGo Vs Google, which search engine is better. The following contains a detailed discussion of the features of each of these search engines, which will help evaluate the better search engine.

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DuckDuckGo Vs Google: Comparing The Features

Search Features of DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, founded in 2008, is one of Google’s top contending search engine competitors. In the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison, DuckDuckGo offers more search privacy than Google. Let us explore the search features of DuckDuckGo.

  • Privacy: DuckDuckGo is one of the only search engines which offers optimum privacy to the searchers. It claims not to store the user’s personal information, which means that every search you perform on DuckDuckGo is always anonymous. They do not collect or share any personal information. DuckDuckGo does not offer personalised ads or track IP addresses as it does not store any personal data they might sell. Thus, in DuckDuckGo Vs Google, DuckDuckGo does win a preference.
  • Social media profiles: It helps the users see the social media profiles of the ones they have searched for without leaving the search engine itself. To check the social media bios, you will have to search the handle like in the case of Twitter, but for sites like Google+, you will have to type G+ and then type the handle’s name. By this, you can successfully check the profiles without leaving the search engine.
  • Alternatives to apps: By searching the name of a definite app, the DuckDuckGo search engine will offer you a range of alternative apps of similar names. In the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison, this search engine provides a variety of functional alternatives to well-known apps.
  • Generates strong passwords: If you cannot think of a strong password, you can quickly head back to DuckDuckGo and search Password 20. It will feature a 20-character password which you can easily use. Again, DuckDuckGo also helps generate XKCD-type passwords that are simple yet hard to crack.
  • Helps change case: DuckDuckGo helps the users to easily change a sentence to Title Case, lowercase and UPPERCASE. You will have to type the case you are looking for ahead of the sentence and click on search to see the results.

What are the pros and cons of using DuckDuckGo?

The following are the pros and cons of using DuckDuckGo for browsing searches.


  • The feature which makes DuckDuckGo stand out in the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison is its privacy, as it is the most private search engine available in the market.
  • It offers a clean interface which is incredibly easy to use.
  • DuckDuckGo is currently growing in popularity.


  • DuckDuckGo is relatively new in the search market and is not as efficient as Google.
  • The search market is tiny as it only owns .22% of the total share as of 2017.
  • Focuses on shading Google in the privacy department other than enhancing its features.

Search Features of Google

Google is the ultimate standard for search engines as it aims to deliver the most relevant search results with quick and credible answers. Let us discuss the best features of Google that make it the popular favourite in the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison.

  • Its speed: Google delivers the best search results in just 0.19 seconds. It is quicker in providing quality search results than any other search engine making it arguably the best search engine out there. Google’s technical infrastructure is advantageous, making it the preferred choice in the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison.
  • Numerous sites: The searches in Google lead you to various sites in its index. Google picks up the fastest sites to help you find the latest news and sites than any other search engine. You will find better results as you will get many sites to surf and choose your preferred content.
  • Relevant results: Google offers the most relevant results. With the help of its sophisticated, unmatched algorithm, you will come across the most relevant of sites with well-organised resources. Google keeps up with the ever-changing digital behaviours and sets the trend by continuously updating its algorithms. In the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison, it is google which offers the most relevant results.
  • Branding: One cannot overlook Google as a brand. It actively advertises many of its Google-based services, which is why you will always hear about them in one way or the other. You will see Google features in ads promoting their services when using Google as a browser.
  • Featured snippets: The featured snippets help to find the contents with ease. You can easily see the highlighted contents of a page, assisting searchers in discovering the contents they want.

What are the pros and cons of using Google?

The pros and cons of using Google are as follows:


  • Google is undeniably the best when it comes to the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison.
  • It offers the largest search index and has the smartest engine algorithms.
  • It is the dominating power in the search market.


  • To provide personalised ads and searches, Google does violate the users.
  • The constant changes are not always helpful.
  • Google often leads to misleading answers with the full-fledged launch of the Featured Snippet.

Thus, in the DuckDuckGo Vs Google comparison, it is evident that both the search engines have their fair share of shortcomings but to evaluate the search engine offering the best features, Google is arguably the best.

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