10+ Best Proxy Browsers for Online Privacy

Proxy Browsers

There are many ways to increase your digital privacy. The easiest and most cost-effective way to increase your digital privacy is to use a proxy web browser or extension.

We use the web browser to access almost all things, regardless of whether it’s your desktop or your phone (regardless of platform).

What is online privacy exactly? You can solve some of the problem by using proxy web servers, proxy internet browsers.

Let’s first look at the pros and cons of proxy browser.

Online Privacy: Proxy in Web Browsers

Technically, any web browser can be turned into a proxy browser. It doesn’t have to be a specific browser.

It is important to know what online privacy means before you can understand how these browsers function.

Your IP address and location information are the two most important elements that online trackers or advertisers record. This does not necessarily mean you are vulnerable to hackers, but data miners.

Marketers and advertisers can get precise demographics by collecting your IP address. They can then send you compelling emails or put ads that are effective.

Yes, all of the other online trackers are able to record your browsing habits as well as information about your device/browser.

You can give an online profile of all your information to data tracking companies. While not all companies misuse data, there are many online trackers that end up selling your data.

It is therefore essential to safeguard your online privacy. You can’t achieve complete privacy. However, you can’t keep all your information private while browsing the web.

Proxy web servers and browsers can help you with this.

How proxy web browsers and servers can help you maintain your online privacy?

Although you can always trust some of the most trusted VPNs and secure chrome extensions, using a proxy can be a cost-effective or flexible option.

Proxy allows you to hide your IP address, and let you choose a different one according to the available server locations. This should allow you to unblock access sites that are restricted in your country.

Proxy web servers can be used to block sites and encrypt URLs, remove cookies, and remove scripts/objects. It can also remove many tracking elements from websites.

If you connect with a proxy, your IP address and location are protected. Standard tracking technology is also prevented.

Consider these Things When You Choose a Web Browser Proxy

Before you set up a proxy browser in your browser, there are some things you should know.

  • Proxy web servers can be very effective but they are not as secure as a VPN.
  • Proxy connections can be used to protect your privacy, but it could impact your browsing experience. It is possible for some websites to load slower because the request comes from a different server.
  • Proxy web services could record your activities. Before using proxy web services, make sure you review their privacy policies.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a proxy web browser. You can use your preferred browser to access a proxy web browser.

After you have read some key points, let’s take a look at the top options.

Bright Data Extension

The privacy web extension is useful if you use Bright Data to collect and extract data. This extension is available in both Firefox and Chrome browsers. To get started, you will need to create an account.

You can browse multiple web pages at once without having to reveal your IP address. It should allow you to select a location manually and gain access to the services/sites that you need. It can send concurrent requests to multiple IP addresses, so it is possible to hide your true origin while cloaking your IP address.

Bright Data offers other services, such as residential proxy and datacenter proxy . Data Collector is also available.


No matter if you are using IPRoyal to get your proxy lists, their Proxy Manager is a quick and easy way to manage your proxy list from Chrome.

It is simple to use and clean. You don’t need to look through endless settings. Just add your proxies, one for all protocols, or different proxies to HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, and you’re ready to go. With one click, you can create multiple profiles and switch between them.

The Proxy Manager links to IPRoyal’s site, where you can find affordable proxy options and have them up and running within seconds.


Hide.me allows you to unblock sites and allow you to browse privately from a number of locations.

To use the service, you don’t need to create an account. You can use the proxy network to remove scripts, encrypt the URL and allow/prevent cookies.


HideMyAss is one of the most widely used free proxy browser. It works in the same way as Hide.me and allows you to unlock sites and select different locations.

HMA offers more server locations and other options to increase your privacy when browsing sites.


Kproxy another browser extension allows you to enable proxy free of cost. To sign up, you don’t need to have an account. The free version can only be used in certain areas.

If you want to remove the limitations, you can choose the pro version.

Tor Network

The Tor browser and the Tor network are powerful ways to hide your internet identity.

Tor browser is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox that includes all privacy/security features. It can send multiple requests from different locations to websites to keep your IP address from being tracked.

Although it’s an effective way to access the internet, it can’t replace regular web browsers. When connected via Tor browser, the web pages can take quite a while to load.

Tor Browser is available for macOS and Windows as well as Linux and Android.

Orbot is a way to use the Tor network as a proxy on your Android smartphone.


ProxySite provides a free proxy browser. Access is not required for account creation. There are many US/EU servers that it offers.

The proxy also allows you to delete scripts and cookies to improve privacy.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy browser is an alternative that includes tracking protection. You can also enable a VPN when browsing.

You also get some additional perks, such as a video downloading. Although it is not recommended for daily driving, this may be an option for temporary browsing where privacy is important.

It can be installed on your Windows/macOS system or your smartphone.

Proxy for Hidester

Hidester Proxy provides access to US and EU servers. It works well, even though there are only two servers.

It offers a Chrome extension, which is a big advantage over other web proxy browser.


InstantProxies allows you to test the availability before purchasing a subscription. You can order additional proxies for $10 per month, or you can purchase a custom order.

You can also reach out to support via chat. It is a paid service, so you should do your research before signing up.


NewIPNow offers another premium proxy browser that has unlimited bandwidth and multiple locations.

Proxies can be purchased for one server or all around the world.

Wrapping up

Browser extensions and web proxy are the best ways to use a proxy. Epic Privacy Browser is a more comprehensive browser that can provide a complete solution. You might also consider paying for paid options if proxy networks are required to serve your commercial or business needs.

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