9 Best Private Browsers for iOS and Android

Best Private Browsers for iOS and Android

Best Private Browsers – Many websites you visit online may be able to access your data and track your online movements. You might have problems with your browser in the future. Personal data should not be shared unless you are genuinely willing to. Many of us don’t know that certain browsers can leak our personal information.

We’re going to show you the top privacy-focused browsers on Android and iOS that will protect your privacy online. This post contains a desktop browser.

Let me first tell you why I think they are important.

There are no targeted results

Most well-known browsers allow you to set cookies on your consent. This means that any search you make on the internet is based on your past searches and interests. It won’t give you impartial results. However, this list of browsers will show new results every time because they don’t have cookies enabled by default.

No browsing history

These browsers don’t save your browsing history so you won’t see personalized results. You can surf the internet completely new every time.

This is also helpful if you are buying gifts for someone else in your home. It doesn’t matter if you browsed the internet before buying your gift. The surprise isn’t spoilt, therefore.

You have the right to keep your personal data private

Businesses can make a lot of money by collecting data. Most browsers allow this to be done automatically. Privacy is not a common feature, but this isn’t the case with these browsers. These browsers are very concerned about privacy and do not collect any personal information.

Let’s take a look at the following browsers.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Security Browser can be used on both Android and IOS. It’s a popular browser that is fast, secure, and private. Fully encrypted means that it contains your bookmarks and IP address as well as downloads, DNS queries and other information.

This browser has a unique feature that allows you to pin-lock and fingerprint-lock your browsing history to help protect it from eavesdroppers. It is something that not all browsers offer.

You can also use unlimited VPN for free to hide ads or trackers, conceal your identity, and keep your data private and secure from hackers.

Onion Browser

Onion browser is available for iOS. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously using Tor. This browser is perfect for anyone looking for safe browsing.

Onion Browser is a simple tool that can help you find the right information.

  • Online anonymity
  • You can protect your privacy from different website trackers
  • Protect yourself from ISPs and insecure networks
  • When HTTPS is available, auto-switch to HTTPS
  • Onion has hand-picked websites

Onion is completely free, and supports over 25 languages. This browser is free to use.

Aloha Browser

Do you want protection that is fast? Aloha Browser may be the right choice for you. It comes with a free unlimited VPN, which compresses traffic and blocks trackers. The optimized rendering engine allows this browser to surf the web at 2x the speed of other browsers.

Here are some additional features:

  • Block spammy ads
  • Built-in media player that supports VR.
  • Keep downloaded files safe in the manager
  • Simple interface for everyone

You can start it free of charge, but you can unlock more features by signing up for one of their paid plans starting at $2.99/month.


A browser named Brave has been highly praised by companies such as Wired, Cnet and The Verge. You have complete control over your personal data by:

  • Blocking trackers
  • Unnecessary ads can be blocked
  • Tor allows anonymous browsing

All of this increases the speed of your browser. This is more than Chrome or Safari. You can also earn rewards for watching privacy-respected ads. These points can be used to support your favourite web creators or even purchase gift cards for the future.


Firefox is a veteran of this list. It has been providing an excellent experience for a long time. This browser blocks over 2000 trackers. After you close the browser, their default private browsing mode will automatically delete all of your history and cookies.

You can also:

  • Sync passwords, history, bookmarks, and tabs across all devices
  • Stop tracking Facebook
  • Stop annoying ads

You can also experience a lot more, all for free.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is available for Android and provides one of most privacy-focused experience in the world. This browser is the most privacy- and freedom-oriented. It can perform a variety of tasks such as:

  • Block trackers
  • Clear cookies automatically
  • Prevents surveillance over your browsing behavior
  • Multi-layered encryption available
  • You can even browse blocked sites in your area

Tor Browser is free and open-source. This means that you can immediately protect your privacy.


DuckDuckGo, another well-known browser, places a special emphasis on privacy and is free and open-source. It offers all the privacy-focused features you would expect from a browser, including:

  • When HTTPS is available, auto-switch to HTTPS
  • You can search anonymously without any history
  • For a new browsing experience, block advertising and other trackers

This browser has a unique feature that shows you a privacy rating for any website visited. This allows you to identify if the site is secure or if they are trying to collect your personal data.

DuckDuckGo can be downloaded for Android.

Private Browsing Browser

Private Browsing lets you view websites in private and full-screen mode, just like its name. This browser provides maximum privacy by clearing history cache and cookies. It is used by over 8 million people.

All your browsing history is cleared when you close the browser. You can then start over again next time. It is almost identical to Safari’s UI and backend engine. And, surprisingly, it runs at a much faster speed.

This browser is free to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Snap Search

SnapSearch promises a “Super Incognito Mode” where all browsing data is automatically deleted, including history and cookies. Snap Search is a private Android browser that requires zero permissions. This ensures privacy.

It’s also equipped with a VPN service. Here are some of the more notable features.

  • The largest number of search engines (55+).
  • Compact size (6mb).
  • For websites, there are cool features such as Reader Mode and force dark mode
  • Better blocking for analytics, ads, and trackers

Android can be downloaded here .


Although these browsers may not offer the same functionality as Safari or Google Chrome, they allow you to have full control over your data and protect privacy. You should consider using a private browser.

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