13 Best Pet Trackers To Monitor Your Pet’s Location

Pet Trackers

Today’s post will list the top Pet trackers that you can use to keep your pet safe and sound. You are probably already a pet owner if you’re reading this post. I also have a pet. Trust me, I understand how concerned you are about your pet’s safety.

There is always the chance of your pet losing their way home, no matter how well trained they are. There are worse things than not knowing where your pet is, if they’re not at home.

It is a relief that technology has improved so much that it is now easier to keep track of your pet’s location than it was just a few years back.

You can make sure they stay within reach of you by taking a few precautionary steps.


Tractive allows you to track your pet’s movements wherever you are.

This collar is designed to be worn around the neck of your pet. To track your pet’s location, you can download the tracking app to your browser or phone.

You can easily download the application from both the Google Play Store and the App store. We are proud of the user-friendly product thanks to the cutting-edge technology it was built with.

The Tractive GPS trackers allow you to know where your pet is at all times. This isn’t just for your backyard, but anywhere in the world.

This device can be used for dogs or cats . Tractive will always be there to protect your pet, regardless of the breed.

Your app can also be used to create a safe zone. The app will notify you instantly if your pet wanders outside of the designated safe area. You are there to return your pet to its safe place, so this reduces the chance of it wandering off without a thought.


Pawscout, another great pet tracker, offers many useful features and provides a pleasant experience for pet owners. Pawscout is available for Android or iOS. It supports useful features such as Walk Tracking, Worldwide Map View, Location History and more.

The Pawscout app also has a list with pet-friendly locations so you can take your pet to the places it will love. A Pet Social Network is also available, which allows you to connect with other pets in the same area. The Pawscout Tracker allows you to track your pet around the clock.

The Pawscout tracker can be used with the free version. However, you will get many additional benefits such as Priority Support and Location History in their Pro version. You don’t have to wait in order to receive any Pawscout support. The Pro plan also includes one year of batteries for your Pawscout tracker. This is a huge dealbreaker because you could otherwise spend a lot of money on hail.


Whistle makes location tracking easier. This device is more than a Bluetooth tracker. This device is much more than a Bluetooth tracker. The Whistle 2 device can only track your pet within 50 feet. However, the Whistle 3 can track it up up to 3000 miles. It’s quite a distance.

You also have the option to choose how you wish to be notified about your pet’s location. There are many options. You have the option to send them an email or text message whenever they leave your virtual safety fence.

These are only a few of the features. There are many more. Get the tracker today and make sure you share it with your pet forever.

Petcube Bits

Petcube Bite is not intended for outdoor use. However, it can be used indoors to monitor your pets and help you keep an eye on them while you are away. The wide-angle HD camera features night vision, 4x digital zoom and 160 degree views. The two-way audio feature allows you to talk with your pet by using it.

The treat dispenser is another important feature. You can use your smartphone to access the treat dispenser. You can adjust the distance and amount, and you can even set it to autoplay when you aren’t using your phone.

It also lets you:

  • Get real-time notifications about dangerous situations and events
  • Auto-capture pets activities to capture memories or catch them red-handed
  • To make it easier, integrate with Amazon Alexa

Petcube Bites two is strong enough to withstand any fall and is a must have for pet owners.

Garmin T5

Garmin GPS T5 GPS Dog Collar is able to last up to 40 hours. It also has high-sensitivity GPS, which detects distances of up 9 miles. For extra security, you will also receive a rechargeable battery as well as LED beacon lights and a rescue mode function.

They are strong enough to go with your dog wherever he goes. If you want, you can replace the straps with another color.

It comes from Garmin so you can expect the highest quality.


This one is strong.

One app can be used to track up to four pets and pinpoint their exact location. This device can be used for both cats and dogs.

The Girafus uses 2.4GHz radio frequency technology. This means that you don’t have to worry about it interfering with other wireless devices. You can use it with any number of devices you like.

Girafus is waterproof and features smart sleep mode, which prolongs the battery’s life. It is also easy to install. Simply add the cells to the device and turn it on. You are now done. Are you ready to use it?


Kippy might be another option you may want to consider. The GPS tracker works in the same way as the others. Kippy allows you to do everything you need to feel secure about your pet’s safety, including tracking its movements in the past and giving you the current location.

You can also get tips to help your pet live a longer, healthier life. This device allows you to let your pet do activities that will keep them fit for life.

You can download the Kippy app to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This will give you quick access to your pet’s location and other activities.


Weenect can be used to control your dog’s running around in the neighborhood. This device not only increases your dog’s chances of getting lost, but it also raises your curiosity about how they are doing.

With Weenect, your worries can be put to rest because you will know exactly where your pet is when it goes on adventures.

Weenect also included a training vibrator. You can also use the device to notify your dog when it is time to eat or go for a walk. All you have to do is allow the collar to vibrate.


This paw tracker will help you locate your cat’s exact location, just like the name. This device was specifically designed for cat and cat lovers, to ensure they feel safe at all times.

It’s a lightweight, wifi-beacon and wifi-integrated device that attaches to your cat’s neck. The monitor connected to the internet will show you where they are located.

This monitor does not have to be purchased specifically for the purpose. You can use a smartphone screen, tablet screen or even a desktop computer to accomplish this purpose. The strap can be adjusted to fit any cat, regardless of age.

Fi Smart Dog Collar

With Fi smart dog collar, you can easily find your dog and set boundaries to keep them within those areas.

You can also set a minimum amount of exercise for your dogs to ensure they are following a certain routine. The most exciting feature is the ability for Fi dog owners to connect with other Fi dog owners. It’s a great way to socialize with your Fi dog.


The GetFindster device is sure to be a hit with your pet’s security. The GetFindster is free and has been voted the best pet activity and location tracker by Amazon and Yahoo as well as Techcrunch and PetGuide.com.

You don’t even have to pay a subscription fee to use the tracker and app. You don’t need to have internet coverage to track your pet. You can track your pet on your monitor even if they accidentally get wet.

Getfindster permits you to share the location of your pet with other members.


The link is your pet’s first smartphone. Your dog will feel safer if it has this incredible device, just as we do with our smartphones.

Linkakc costs only $20 and is well worth it, considering how secure you can make your dog feel.

This fashionable, small collar is lightweight and stylish. It comes in two quality options. The brown leather or black nylon versions are available. You can choose which one you like best.

You can also record your adventures, walks, and other small moments with your pet. These moments will be treasured forever.

A safer pet

Pets can get annoyed at bulky trackers attached to their collars. With Safer PET, pets can move freely and enjoy their surroundings without being restricted by more prominent trackers. Safer Pet’s compact size makes it easy to attach to any collar.

Although the tracker is only 23g in weight, don’t be surprised by its features. Safer Pet uses GPS and Wi-Fi tracking together to pinpoint your pet’s exact location up to 10 metres from anywhere in Europe. This tiny tracker tracks your pet’s movements and transmits them directly to Safer Pet. The tracker can be used to monitor your pet’s entire walk and allow you to review it and make adjustments.

The tracker is very durable and has a splashproof body. This makes it ideal for those who don’t care about keeping track of their pets. You don’t need to charge the tracker as often as you like, Safer Pet provides three days battery life on one charge. The speaker can be used to locate your pet using the sound beacon feature via the mobile app.

Safer Pet is easy to use as your primary tracking solution. You can order your tracker online and purchase a subscription plan through the Safer Pet website. Then, you can track your pets on the Safer Pet mobile app. Safer Pet is available for both iOS and Android. It supports up to three pets at once, which makes it ideal for pet owners with multiple pets.

More to You

These are some of the best pet trackers you can use to make sure your best friend is safe. To get the best performance from all of these products, you will need an internet connection.

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