15 Fun Things to Do and Creative Places to Hang out with Friends

places to hang out with friends

places to hang out with friends – Based on one study, an average college student is spending around five hours each day in leisure activities. In addition is that the term “leisure activities” doesn’t include things like grocery shopping and grooming, cooking or household chores.

In lieu, the leisure time consisted of climbing walls, sports events as well as extracurricular activities. But, there’s more to college than just football games and hitting the gym.

If you’re looking to find places to meet up with your acquaintances both off and on campus Then we’ve created this list for you.

Here are 15 exciting things you can do with your pals which are more fun than sitting in the campus library or at an event at the tailgate.

1. Catch a Film at a Drive-In Movie Theater

Not only do drive-in theatres provide the ideal Instagram backdrop for photos and are incredibly enjoyable and refreshing, especially in the season of summer and spring.

It is important to bring several blankets, put away your snacks and pack an insulated, warm sweater to wear in the event that it turns colder outside.

2. Dance It out at a Silent Disco

Instead of going to an raucous, pounding club or party to relax after a long week, go to an intimate disco. You’ll be able to meet up with your people you know and dance.

Sometimes, it’s also possible to switch DJs making your experience more flexible.

3. Attend a Local Poetry Reading

Are you looking for cheap activities to do with your friends? Participate in an open mic in your area or a poetry reading.

They’re not only free, they’re also a fantastic opportunity to connect with other people who are also interested in the same things you’re interested in.

If you’re feeling extra daring you can prepare something ahead of time so that you are able to stand up and dance as well.

4. Host a Potluck Dinner

If you have roommates it is likely that the have to cook together or divide the bill for groceries. The next time, throw dinner for a potluck and invite friends along.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people while tasting new dishes that you might not have had the chance to taste!

5. Try to Get out of an Escape Room

Do you have a great deal of confidence under stress? You should definitely go to the Escape room with your mates.

The challenge of finding the escape from your escape game can be one among the many enjoyable activities to play with your people you love as it forces players to work in a group and work in a team.

6. Influence Change by Volunteering Together

Instead of heading to an establishment or going to an evening of movies, gather your group of friends together and plan to spend the day working.

There’s no reason to travel away to volunteer, because numerous colleges have volunteers on-site every day.

7. Host Your Own Wine Painting Night

You’ve probably seen these adorable wine painting spots in the city. If you’re student with a tight budget and you’re not a student on a tight budget, then you don’t need to spend a dime to go to one of these occasions!

Instead, you can purchase some inexpensive wine and paint supplies. You can then create on a Bob Ross painting tutorial on YouTube and watch the tutorial with your friends!

8. Head to Your Local Trivia Night

Every town in the college is home to at the very least one restaurant or bar that host a weekly trivia evening. You can plan to attend the event with your buddies for a time to refresh yourself on the events of the week.

The restaurants often offer discounted drinks, appetizers, or even meals during these evenings which makes it a fantastic option for those on a budget.

9. Scavenger Hunt Your Way Through Target

It’s not necessary to search “fun places to go with friends near me” to locate your nearest Target or other stores you love.

Download the Target Scavenger Hunt list from Pinterest and create groups of colleagues. After that, you can trying to see who can locate everything first!

10. Laugh It out at a Comedy Club

The ability to laugh can be one among the most effective remedies for stress. If you’re a student at college there is a lot of anxiety.

Find a comedy club near you and make plans to go to the show with a group of colleagues. It’s a great way to relax after laughing throughout the night, and it’s a great opportunity to get out of your dorm and out of the campus to enjoy a change of scene.

11. Play Laser Tag Around Campus

Looking for things to do with your friends? Buy some inexpensive laser tag equipment and wait until the night falls to join in a game on campus that is laser tag.

Make sure to check with your campus police department prior to your visit to be sure you are aware of which areas you can and cannot be.

12. Create Pinterest Crafts

You’ve probably got plenty of Pinterest boards that you’ve saved in your Pinterest account. The things you consider super cute but don’t get involved in making them for yourself.

Visit any local Dollar store and purchase the crafting tools. After that, have an evening of crafting on Pinterest with your closest friends and make adorable decoration ideas for your college dorm room or apartment.

13. Take a Walking Tour of Your College Town

Did you not know the fact that Iowa City has its very own walking tour? Yep! If you’re unfamiliar with the town you attend college in, you should walk around the town with your buddies.

There’s a good chance you’ll learn more about the history of the city while taking in some breath of fresh air and a little exercise.

14. Swap Movies, Music and Clothes

Swap meets can be a fantastic method for you to “buy” new things on an undergraduate budget. Each month, you can schedule an event with your friends.

The group will all bring old clothes and movies, as well as music as well as items you don’t want and exchange with other items other people bring. Make it a night by watching the films people brought to the gathering!

15. Indulge in a Spa Day

There’s no need to be taking finals in order to enjoy a relaxing day. It’s also not necessary to spend a lot of cash.

Purchase cheap facial masks or create your own from of vegetables that are fresh. Create yourself your own bathroom bombs and light some candles and then relax in your bathrobe.

More places to hang out with your Friends

Are you looking for other interesting locations to meet up with your friends? Visit our Arts section for a an inventory of the latest and planned activities for students who are part of our University of Iowa community.

Should you know of any ideas or suggestions, or even upcoming occasions you’d like to share, contact us to reach out and let us know.

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